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Some Things Never Change…

Friday, this Grammy drove the two hours to spend “Grandparent’s Day” at school with Bella.  It had been a lot of years since I’d actually spent a whole morning with a Kindergarten class. What amazed me most is that some … Continue reading

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Becoming a Grandparent…

“I’m not ready to be a grandma”…that from the mouth of one who wants to “stay young”. Well, let me tell you…the absolute best part of aging and rolling into the 49andcounting stage is becoming a Grammy! I have a … Continue reading

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A Grammy’s Gift…

This winter I’ve been given a gift.  The gift of spending a few months with my oldest daughter and granddaughter, Isabella. Just to catch you up.  My Big Boy and I have left Pennsylvania and he’s kind of all over … Continue reading

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Just The Way Grammy Does It…

In my books my Gaga was the best cook ever. Only Gaga could make the perfect cinnamon rolls. I’d watch her punch the dough, roll it out, and mix her special “goopey” for the bottom of the pan.  Mmmmm, they … Continue reading

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A Life Well Lived….

Today I’d like to share a guest post from my friend Kelly. She recently lost her grandma, a fun little lady well into her 90’s. Kelly is a writer at heart, someday she’ll have a novel, and I’m so proud … Continue reading

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For the past three days Isabella, my 3 1/2 yr old  granddaughter, has taken me to a magical world of bar-stool tents draped in layers of blankets. A place where stuffed monkeys named Anastasia are swaddled repeatedly, the orchestra is provided by two … Continue reading

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Grandma-Plasty Anyone??

Stuck in a hotel room thanks to the ice storm. I have had a marathon of “Real Housewives”, “Basketball Wives”, “Bridal Plasty”, and “America’s Top Model” and a diet of chocolate covered peanuts and donut gems.   Considering all that,  I’ve come up … Continue reading

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A Place I’ve Never Been…

My oldest sister exposed me to an experience today that I’ve never had the pleasure of enjoying before, and if I’m in my right mind, may never want to enjoy again! A day with her four grandsons, ages 5 and under.  … Continue reading

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Merry, Merry Christmas…

I’m up early on Christmas Eve. It’s Grandma’s job to make the cinnamon rolls, that’s what I remember…how did I get here? Oh my goodness, I’m 49+, I’m the grandma, I’m making the cinnamon rolls. And guess what, I’m feeling … Continue reading

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When You Know You’ve Done It Right…

There are some emotions that it just takes being 49andcounting or so, to experience. I tell you, right up there with being a Grammy, is the emotion felt when you watch your children as adults and can think, “I believe … Continue reading

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