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Retro, Vinyl and the Holy Spirit…

I see peach and aqua leisure suits, shag haircuts…my favorite record album, or as they call them today, vinyl.  England Dan and John Ford Coley.  And I hear these words…”Hello now, it’s been awhile…not much, how bout you”. I can’t … Continue reading

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Not So Busy Anymore…

One of the perks of being 49andcounting is that life slows down.  The house isn’t full of hungry bodies asking “what’s for dinner?”  The stacks of folded laundry aren’t a permanent fixture on the couch anymore, no more finger prints on the … Continue reading

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Pinterest Gone Wrong…

Let’s just start at the beginning…summer is near and my feet will soon be making their public appearance.   Oh how I wish for soft pink feet, with cute little toes, feet that don’t snag on the sheets at night, feet that … Continue reading

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Seasons of Life

Yesterday, April 23rd, it snowed in Lucas, Kansas!  Now snow in Kansas isn’t out of the ordinary, but snow in April is pushing the limit.  In April, flowers are suppose to be blooming, wheat fields are just turning green, buds … Continue reading

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This One’s For The Girls…

When I started this blog, I’ll have to admit, it was for the girls.  I was nearing 50, my body seemed to be falling apart and I was experiencing all kinds of new “old” symptoms.  (from wrinkles on my chest to … Continue reading

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Some Things Never Change…

Friday, this Grammy drove the two hours to spend “Grandparent’s Day” at school with Bella.  It had been a lot of years since I’d actually spent a whole morning with a Kindergarten class. What amazed me most is that some … Continue reading

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Somebody Turn The Thermostat Down!

If you’re 49andcounting, boy, do I have news for you! Body temperature will soon become a life altering experience. I’ve just spent a few days with my mother and come to realize that my “hot flashes” will soon turn to … Continue reading

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But I Really, Really Want It…

Have you ever had some thing or circumstance that you wanted? I mean really, really wanted. Wanted with all of your heart. I’ve gotta say right now, I’m in the wanting stage. I’ve been made an offer that seems the … Continue reading

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The 50th Year…

I have vowed to always be 49andcounting.  I swore I wouldn’t use the ffff…fifty word, but well, it’s in my character to change my mind!  So today, I’ll use that dreaded word, as it’s almost over…the 50th year! Twelve months … Continue reading

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If I Were A Bear…

I’m thinking life would be good as a bear. Once I begin to see frost on the ground in the morning, once it’s time to scrape the windshield to go to the grocery store, once the cold wind begins to burn my … Continue reading

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