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Oh my goodness, I almost can’t believe that I’m back to the keyboard. Thirteen years after I started this blog, and how many?…three, since my last post. My, do we have some catching up to do. The conversation in my … Continue reading

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A Time To Wait…

As I’ve read my bible lately it has come to me that God wants us to wait.  The Israelites waited 40 years, Moses had a wait of 80 years, Jesus prayed and waited for 40days and 40 nights. After Jesus rose … Continue reading

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Retro, Vinyl and the Holy Spirit…

I see peach and aqua leisure suits, shag haircuts…my favorite record album, or as they call them today, vinyl.  England Dan and John Ford Coley.  And I hear these words…”Hello now, it’s been awhile…not much, how bout you”. I can’t … Continue reading

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Second Chances…

Yesterday was just a Holy Spirit kind of day for me. I know, some of you are on a much better track than I am. You pray and listen and obey. Somewhere in the listening and obeying, I occasionally get … Continue reading

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Next Stop…Heaven!

Do any of you remember “Promotion Sunday”?  In the Methodist church, once a year all the Sunday School classes gathered for Promotion Sunday.  It was always a time of great excitement as you looked forward to moving “up” to a … Continue reading

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Unexpected Moments…

There are moments in life that smack you in the face with the “unexpected”.  Moments that you can look back on and say…”that was when my life changed”.  Nothing could prepare you for the difference you would face after “that … Continue reading

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Not So Busy Anymore…

One of the perks of being 49andcounting is that life slows down.  The house isn’t full of hungry bodies asking “what’s for dinner?”  The stacks of folded laundry aren’t a permanent fixture on the couch anymore, no more finger prints on the … Continue reading

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My cat…George Jones

“She’s such a nice kitty.  Just doesn’t get along with the others.” Those words should have been my first clue to “Miss Hissy’s” personality.  Let alone her name…that should have been my second clue. And so I filled my need … Continue reading

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Hold On…

Someone reminded me that prayer should be a conversation, not a list.  So, last night I talked with the Lord. I must admit, I had a list…the brokenness I see around me, and the heartache I feel for others…there’s so … Continue reading

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Pinterest Gone Wrong…

Let’s just start at the beginning…summer is near and my feet will soon be making their public appearance.   Oh how I wish for soft pink feet, with cute little toes, feet that don’t snag on the sheets at night, feet that … Continue reading

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