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Your Angel? Child…

I remember the days that my child was wearing on my last nerve.  How many times had I said, “don’t”?…  a hundred?  “Don’t do this, don’t do that”…and how many times had she seemed to put cotton in her ears? … Continue reading

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Just a little black dot…

I remember giving a children’s sermon once.  I had a large sheet of white paper with a black dot placed right in the middle.  The first thing I asked was what the children saw.  No answers like, “a sheet of … Continue reading

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A Sister-friend…

It doesn’t matter how old you are…ten, thirty, or 49andcounting…every girl needs a sister-friend. I was reading a book recently and a scripture jumped off the page at me. One-to-another. Wow, what a thought. That’s what a sister-friend means to … Continue reading

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Seasons of Life

Yesterday, April 23rd, it snowed in Lucas, Kansas!  Now snow in Kansas isn’t out of the ordinary, but snow in April is pushing the limit.  In April, flowers are suppose to be blooming, wheat fields are just turning green, buds … Continue reading

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Family Tradition…

I just unloaded the dishwasher from Easter Dinner.  It’s the day after 18 people have squished in to my 10 people dining room and as I sit with my morning cup of coffee I’m chuckling to myself thinking of family traditions.  … Continue reading

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A Grandmas Gotta Worry…Or, Not!

I believe that being 49andcounting brings with it a unique perspective on life.  We’ve been around a few years (okay, maybe quite a few!), we’ve seen what life has been like “back then”,  we remember “when”.  And my, though I never … Continue reading

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Returning Home…

Have you ever been on a trip and when you return, when you open the door to the house, you have that overwhelming heart-felt rush of “it’s so nice to be home!”? Have you flopped down on your bed that … Continue reading

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Some Things Never Change…

Friday, this Grammy drove the two hours to spend “Grandparent’s Day” at school with Bella.  It had been a lot of years since I’d actually spent a whole morning with a Kindergarten class. What amazed me most is that some … Continue reading

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Lost…The Holiday Spirit…

Not absolutely sure when I began to realize that I’d have to grasp to hold on to any holiday spirit, but do know I’ve been feeling plenty ‘guilty’ for my ‘not so good’ attitude when everyone around me has been … Continue reading

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Rain Down On Me…

It’s raining in Pennsylvania. Not the thunder and lightning kind of rain, but the pouring down from the heavens, soaking rain. I’ve just come in from it, my shirt and arms are still wet. Cool, refreshing wet. I needed that … Continue reading

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