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Becoming a Grandparent…

“I’m not ready to be a grandma”…that from the mouth of one who wants to “stay young”. Well, let me tell you…the absolute best part of aging and rolling into the 49andcounting stage is becoming a Grammy! I have a … Continue reading

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Somebody Turn The Thermostat Down!

If you’re 49andcounting, boy, do I have news for you! Body temperature will soon become a life altering experience. I’ve just spent a few days with my mother and come to realize that my “hot flashes” will soon turn to … Continue reading

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Don’t Look Down…There are wrinkles on your chest!!

This F..f..f.fifty season is getting more shocking every day!  Just about the time I’ve adjusted to a change that this ‘gracefully aging’ seems to bring, something new develops! Not having read the manual on aging (that by the way, I … Continue reading

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Sometimes 49andcounting Hurts!

I had one of those “not so fun” 49andcounting milestones today.  It was one of those moments I saw coming, we all have them, like the day I knew I couldn’t jump on the trampoline with the grandkids anymore (I know you … Continue reading

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If You’re Not 49andcounting, Don’t Read This…

Because today I feel like talking “old”. Yip, that dreaded three-letter word. But let’s face it, old happens. Or older, whatever you want to call it. Do I consider myself “old”…NO! Do I considering myself “getting there”…YES! Is it such … Continue reading

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Too Much…

Living the simple life in our 5th wheel doesn’t always work that way. I’ve been really proud of myself thinking I’ve learned to live without all the stuff. Thought I had it figured out, the wants versus the needs. And … Continue reading

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Grandma-Plasty Anyone??

Stuck in a hotel room thanks to the ice storm. I have had a marathon of “Real Housewives”, “Basketball Wives”, “Bridal Plasty”, and “America’s Top Model” and a diet of chocolate covered peanuts and donut gems.   Considering all that,  I’ve come up … Continue reading

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I Know That Word…Give Me A Minute…

Why is it that I can remember my childhood phone #, my address from 40 years ago, the birthdate of my 2nd grade best friend, but I can’t seem to remember my children’s names when I’m wanting to spit them … Continue reading

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