My cat…George Jones

“She’s such a nice kitty.  Just doesn’t get along with the others.”

Those words should have been my first clue to “Miss Hissy’s” personality.  Let alone her name…that should have been my second clue.

And so I filled my need for a nice little kitty by bringing Miss Hissy home.  She is a beautiful cat, soft coat, well fed.  But for the first 3 weeks of her stay with us she hid behind the furnace…and each time I tried to coax her out with treats and soft “here kitty, kitty” words…she looked me in the eye and hissed.  Not quite what I was expecting.  I was about to give up, about to send her back to her previous owners.  I was beginning to think that the poor cat was terrified and the move had just been too traumatizing for her.

Then came a miracle.  Miss Hissy made a run for it one morning when I had the back door open.  She bolted outside… and I had no hope of calling her back with a pleasant “here kitty, kitty”.  Much to my surprise, she stayed near.  Lounged on the patio furniture, soaked up the sun on the deck, and much to my amazement even began rubbing up next to me when I had my morning coffee.   Miss Hissy became an outside cat.  She was finally happy.

Until…she met “George Jones”.  Now George was just an alley cat.  (One of many in our small town.)  He showed up one day… skinny, scrawny, and very hungry.  Hungry enough to share Miss Hissy’s food.  Once he found that pot of gold…well, George hung around.  And each day I’d watch, Miss Hissy and George tolerate each other.



Poor George…he just wanted to be her friend.  He’d gently tip-toe towards Miss Hissy, sniffing and meowing… that’s when Miss Hissy’s true personality came out.  Up went the back, out went the claws…and sounds from Hell came out of her mouth.  She would swipe at George and run him off.  (George is actually a “her”…the name just fit!)

That’s when it came to me…”do not judge by outward appearance” (John 7:24)

Skinny old George with the dull gray coat and the alley cat look,  is the sweetest, gentlest kitty… then there’s Miss Hissy…beautiful Miss Hissy.  Change the “H” to a “P” and you’ll much better describe her personality!

That’s my kitty lesson…don’t be fooled by outward appearance.  And “love”…love them both…personality flaws and all.  Who’s to know…maybe Miss Hissy had emotional trauma when she was a child and just needs love 🙂  And that silly old George..he just keeps on trying!


About 49andcounting

Hi! I'm a mom, wife, grammy, sister, friend at that ALMOST 50 age!! (Okay, since I started this a few years ago...well, add a bit to 49andcounting!) How the heck did I get here so fast?!? I love, love, love- my girls, antiques, rural America, history, Jesus, junkin,the lake and my Big Boy...not particularly in that order. It's about time I change this profile a bit. After a year or living in our 5th wheel in beautiful Pennsylvania, My Big Boy and I are back to the Kansas Prairies. And there's just nothing like "Home Sweet Home". Hitting the Big 50 has its own unique, well...let's say...blessings :) So come along, laugh with me...cry with me...praise God with me...and let's do this 49andcounting thing, together!
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