This One’s For The Girls…

When I started this blog, I’ll have to admit, it was for the girls.  I was nearing 50, my body seemed to be falling apart and I was experiencing all kinds of new “old” symptoms.  (from wrinkles on my chest to chin hairs)  Guys, I warned you!

Since then I’ve found that I have a few guy readers…at least my brother, he’s my biggest fan!…and my preacher…who’da thought it!

But, this one’s for the girls.  It’s been haunting me since mid-December.  Let’s just start with the fact that…I’m not a shopper.  Walking the mall, browsing aisles of clothing, trying on “cute” outfits…is just not for me.  Any outfit I’ve taken the time to try on has not been “cute”…usually I experience the “Lord, I’ve gotten fat” moment.  And, well I promise you,  that’s just not a “feel good” moment.

So when Christmas came around, the UPS guy became my new best friend.  Don’t get me wrong, I love giving.  I love coming up with the perfect gift.  Just what they want.  But the search, in a store…not so much!  Which brings me to my shopping horror of horror’s.

I’m going to tell you a little secret.  When I do shop for others,  I find myself noticing things that I would like to have.  Or more often than not, things I need.  Because, as you may well realize..throughout the year I haven’t spent much time shopping for those items.

I’ve given in and gone to the mall.  And in the store that starts with “D” and is not Sears or JcPenney (lol, they don’t even start with D)…I walk by the undergarment section.  “Hmmm, I really need a new bra”  (no trying on for this girl…take a good guess and go)  WELL, you won’t believe this, or maybe you will, but I was floored.  The bra I picked up…was $62!!!  $62…are you kidding me!  What in the world, have times changed that much since I made my last purchase?  Ok, I did breeze by the lacey things…at 49andcounting I thought some changes were in order.  The tatas need a bit more “support”, in fact, they need dragged up from points beyond and stuffed in…cinched up below my chin with something substantial…but $62!!  I think my heart stopped for a moment.  “Wow, is this what it means to ‘grow old’ ?”

Needless to say, I’m still walking around in my $22.95 undergarment.  But I’ll have to admit, the thought has now been placed in my head…”is part of getting older paying more to ‘put it all back in place’?”

And I kind of have this aching feeling that before it’s all over that UPS guy will be coming to my door, and unbeknownst to him…he’ll be delivering a tiny little box that gives me that “feel good” moment and is worth its weight in gold!


About 49andcounting

Hi! I'm a mom, wife, grammy, sister, friend at that ALMOST 50 age!! (Okay, since I started this a few years ago...well, add a bit to 49andcounting!) How the heck did I get here so fast?!? I love, love, love- my girls, antiques, rural America, history, Jesus, junkin,the lake and my Big Boy...not particularly in that order. It's about time I change this profile a bit. After a year or living in our 5th wheel in beautiful Pennsylvania, My Big Boy and I are back to the Kansas Prairies. And there's just nothing like "Home Sweet Home". Hitting the Big 50 has its own unique, well...let's say...blessings :) So come along, laugh with me...cry with me...praise God with me...and let's do this 49andcounting thing, together!
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1 Response to This One’s For The Girls…

  1. heysugarsugar says:

    lol..I am 48 now but 49 in July and definitely counting ! great blog I shall quietly work my way through your posts 🙂 Ceri

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