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When You Live in Tornado Alley…

Do you remember the song from Wizard of Oz?…”the wind began to switch…the house to pitch…”?  You don’t have to be from Kansas to hear the words playing in your head and chuckle with the Munchkins at the Wicked Witches … Continue reading

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Life Has Changed…

Life has changed since the days of Lucy and Rikki sleeping in separate beds or it being a huge moment when Dick and Laura kissed for the first time on tv. I don’t know if it’s the “grandma thing” in … Continue reading

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Dandelions and Spider Webs…

One morning this week, I sat on the porch as the sun came up, drinking my coffee and listening in awe as the birds began their morning songs. As the sun glistened across the dew dropped blades of grass, this … Continue reading

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