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Don’t Look Down…There are wrinkles on your chest!!

This F..f..f.fifty season is getting more shocking every day!  Just about the time I’ve adjusted to a change that this ‘gracefully aging’ seems to bring, something new develops! Not having read the manual on aging (that by the way, I … Continue reading

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If You’re Not An Early Morning Person…

Let me tell you what you’re missing. An hour before the rest of the world wakes up, life is magnified. It is beautiful.  I know…it’s hard for you to believe, but try it once, I promise, you won’t be disappointed. … Continue reading

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They Say Confession Is Good For The Soul…

So I’ve got a little confession to make. It’s much easier to confess to you all than, like say…My Big Boy. So I probably won’t be telling him this. But somewhere deep in my psyche I’ve convinced myself that…”I work better under … Continue reading

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Dear Simon and Paula…

Like millions of others, I tuned in to the “X Factor” last night, and wow, was it a great show! This morning as I wake, I feel compelled to write.  Never in all the years of watching “American Idol” or … Continue reading

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Fall Decorating…

This is how I think fall decorations should look… And this is what happens when My Big Boy jumps in with his decorating ideas…                     Just in case you missed it…this would be the item that is missing from my fall … Continue reading

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Fall Days and Covered Bridges

What a beautiful weekend we had here in Pennsylvania. Nothing better than sunshine on cool fall days, drives through winding country roads following the trail of Covered Bridge Festivals.                                                                                                                                                                                      We started our morning at The White Bridge built in the early … Continue reading

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Pray For Kate…

For some time now I have been praying for a precious little girl that I don’t know. Her name is Kate McRae. She just started first grade this year, and has been battling cancer for two years. The faith, the … Continue reading

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Sometimes 49andcounting Hurts!

I had one of those “not so fun” 49andcounting milestones today.  It was one of those moments I saw coming, we all have them, like the day I knew I couldn’t jump on the trampoline with the grandkids anymore (I know you … Continue reading

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Junk Sistas!!!

Yesterday I got this text from my middle daughter…                             “Hey mom, look at my eight dollar bargain at a garage sale!” I had to laugh, and I sent her back this text…          “How do you like my eight … Continue reading

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Remembering 9/11, Flight 93…

Today I stood on hallowed ground. I remembered, and I mourned. My tears flowed and heart ached for the passengers and crew of United Flight 93, their families, and our country. And I cried because we forget. September 11, 2001, … Continue reading

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