I’m So Excited!!!

How much better can it get than cool mornings and fall in the air?  Well, I’ll tell you…putting on my Kansas cowgirl boots, a pair of jeans, and talking my Big Boy into a trip in the 4-wheel drive truck!

I told you the first story of searching for the “Elliott family cemetery” here in Pennsylvania.    https://49andcounting.wordpress.com/2011/08/08/oh-the-places-ive-been  the exciting news is that…I’ve found it!

Another day of driving miles and miles in the Pennsylvania hills, and knocking on doors (I was told yesterday, “didn’t anyone tell you not to door knock in Pennsylvania?”..what’s up with that?…I’m sure a Kansas girl!).  And the last place I stopped…I hit the jackpot!

A local farmer and his wife loaded me up in their pickup, and off we went, over hills and through grass as high as the truck, and there it was!  In the middle of a pasture, hidden from view…the Elliott family Cemetery.  The resting place of my great-great-great grandparents, my gr-gr-gr-gr grandparents and many of their children.

It was an emotional moment for me.  Standing on the land that had been “our families” home since after the Revolutionary War.  I felt connected, I felt love, I felt accomplishment, and I felt tearful when I thought of how proud my father would have been of me.

So off we go this weekend, with weed eaters and a camera.  (Don’t think my Big Boy knows quite what’s ahead…of course, the weed eater is HIS job!)  We go to clean up what has long been untouched, forgotten, in disrepair.  And we begin a project of love.

Because…family is forever.


About 49andcounting

Hi! I'm a mom, wife, grammy, sister, friend at that ALMOST 50 age!! (Okay, since I started this a few years ago...well, add a bit to 49andcounting!) How the heck did I get here so fast?!? I love, love, love- my girls, antiques, rural America, history, Jesus, junkin,the lake and my Big Boy...not particularly in that order. It's about time I change this profile a bit. After a year or living in our 5th wheel in beautiful Pennsylvania, My Big Boy and I are back to the Kansas Prairies. And there's just nothing like "Home Sweet Home". Hitting the Big 50 has its own unique, well...let's say...blessings :) So come along, laugh with me...cry with me...praise God with me...and let's do this 49andcounting thing, together!
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4 Responses to I’m So Excited!!!

  1. Brenda says:

    Your Dad IS proud of you Michaela!! He always has been and always will be!!! 🙂

    I miss seeing your Dad at the mailbox. It’s funny how people leave a lasting impression on you even when they don’t know it! Thinking of you and your family today! 🙂 Hugs to you, Michaela!

  2. Gracie says:

    This post brought tears to my eyes. How awesome. A family cemetary!!
    I was never much into family or our little communities history until my folks were gone. Now I can’t get enough of either! I love the pictures, hearing the stories and dreaming of what life was like for those who came before me.
    Oh, and for the bird! I hear ya…there is a squirrel that comes and goes outside my kitchen window…I feel the same way! In fact, I need to blog about that. 🙂
    Enjoy your time there. It is priceless!

  3. Dave Elliott says:

    Thanks for finding the cemetery and thanks for taking on this project of “love”… to see about what we can do to clean it up a little.

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