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A Pick or Two…

My Big Boy is pretty pleased with himself. This weekend he actually came up with his first “pick”. You’ve gotta understand, he follows me around at auctions, flea markets and wherever else I come up with my treasures, but he … Continue reading

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Moments Like These…

Lord, I am so thankful for everyday moments. For laughs with family even though its long distance. For the smell of chicken frying, For the excitement of a daughter coming to visit.  For aches and pains and wrinkles, just a … Continue reading

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Dr. Oz Might Be a Great Guy, But…

I caught a few minutes of the “Dr. Oz” show yesterday, and he was talking “nip and tuck”. Here’s the deal…until he pointed it out…I didn’t know I had little bags beginning below my eyes! This morning I’m dabbing on … Continue reading

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A Glimpse…

This morning is a glimpse of fall. And although I love hot, hot summer…boating, and camping, bbq’s and DQ ice cream, I absolutely love fall. My favorite attire in the whole wide world is a sweatshirt and jean shorts. Give me an … Continue reading

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If You’re Not 49andcounting, Don’t Read This…

Because today I feel like talking “old”. Yip, that dreaded three-letter word. But let’s face it, old happens. Or older, whatever you want to call it. Do I consider myself “old”…NO! Do I considering myself “getting there”…YES! Is it such … Continue reading

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Home Sweet 5th Wheel…

Most of you know the story. My Big Boy and I have moved from the Kansas prairies to the Pennsylvania Mountains. And we’re living in our 5th Wheel. I know that’s hard to imagine, but here’s a photo I took this … Continue reading

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Sometimes We Don’t Need Words…

Blessings to you 🙂

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Family Connections…

I believe that I’m overdosing on cemeteries, death, and those gone before us, as I woke this morning from having a dream, having to be at a funeral in “Grape, KS”! Let me tell you, there is no “Grape, KS!” How … Continue reading

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I’m So Excited!!!

How much better can it get than cool mornings and fall in the air?  Well, I’ll tell you…putting on my Kansas cowgirl boots, a pair of jeans, and talking my Big Boy into a trip in the 4-wheel drive truck! … Continue reading

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A Few Loose Ends…

For the vast number of you who are interested,(maybe seven or so, including my mom and sister), here are a few updates. *Okay, we’ve ruled out bear and moose…maybe my imagination was getting the best of me…but I haven’t given up … Continue reading

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