Going Home…

Ahhh, back in Kansas. I heard someone laugh and say “How can Kansas and vacation be in the same sentence?”, but I now know how Dorothy felt in the Wizard of Oz…”there’s no place like home”.   I get it.   It feels so good to be “home”.

Although I have absolutely loved spending time with family and friends…this trip, for some reason, I have felt such a sense of connection and love for the “place”, for being home

We’ve spent the big part of this trip in Northern Kansas, although I lived in Southern Kansas for over 14 years, Northern Kansas is where my heart is. I realized it on this trip. 

Oh how I love, wide open spaces.  Miles and miles of rolling wheat fields.  One-stop light towns.  Parking in the middle of the street.  Courthouse squares.  Main street middle America.  I love an interstate that is not clogged with vehicles, giving you a chance to enjoy the scenery as you drive along.  I love the local grocery store, that still has a carry out boy who will carry your bags to the car if need be, and doesn’t take credit or debit cards…they still deal in cash and checks!  I love the cafe that every day, you can set your clock by it, has a rush of customers as the locals come for coffee and the latest news.  The rolls are melt-in-your-mouth made from scratch, and your meal cost $5.99!

I love the faces, that although they may have aged, are still the same.  People are glad to see you, with a hug and a handshake, and “how have you been?”.  And in Kansas, you can count on, a wave or tip of the finger, from each car you pass.  Their way of saying, “howdy”.  

 “Going Home” takes us to a place where are hearts are, where we started from, who we are.  And no matter how far the road has taken us away, it is always nice “going home”.


About 49andcounting

Hi! I'm a mom, wife, grammy, sister, friend at that ALMOST 50 age!! (Okay, since I started this a few years ago...well, add a bit to 49andcounting!) How the heck did I get here so fast?!? I love, love, love- my girls, antiques, rural America, history, Jesus, junkin,the lake and my Big Boy...not particularly in that order. It's about time I change this profile a bit. After a year or living in our 5th wheel in beautiful Pennsylvania, My Big Boy and I are back to the Kansas Prairies. And there's just nothing like "Home Sweet Home". Hitting the Big 50 has its own unique, well...let's say...blessings :) So come along, laugh with me...cry with me...praise God with me...and let's do this 49andcounting thing, together!
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7 Responses to Going Home…

  1. Bridgit says:

    So very well wrote!! I wouldn’t change growing up or raising my children in a “one-stoplight town!” Because there truly is No place like home!

    • Dave Elliott says:

      This should be printed in PCR.

      • Dave Elliott says:

        During our trip back “home” to Pburg on Memorial Day Robin and I took a tour of the town and took A LOT of photos of homes, buildings, etc. We kept laughing at how many PEONIES are in Pburg… and thought that Pburg Flower has to be the PEONIES… and also should change motto to ” CITY OF PEONIES ” of something like that. We also stopped at Scott McCoppins since your Pburg Chamber office was closed… to buy the playing cards of Pburg. And also bought the Pburg History book at the library for $6 but couldn’t find copies of the old Centennial Book for Pburg which is not in print anymore… but really NEEDS to BE REPRINTED for those of us that don’t want to pay over $100 on Ebay to find/buy one!!

      • Okay, David…what is PCR???

  2. Dave Elliott says:


  3. Dave Elliott says:

    PCR = Phillips Co. Review

  4. Dave Elliott says:

    3 Clicks = Dorothies Shoes

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