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Feasting on the 4th of July…

Okay, let’s preface this post with, “I can cook, I just don’t want to cook, often.” That’s a wonderful thing about being 49andcounting, with all the kids out of the nest, you only have to cook for major holidays.  I, … Continue reading

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Oh What A Day…

My Big Boy has a toy. His boat. (Ya, his toys are a bit more expensive than mine!)(and if you only knew the “need a new engine” story from last winter, you would agree whole heartedly!) Anyway, I’m getting off … Continue reading

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One Major Difference…

Moving to Pennsylvania has been a new world to me in many ways. I left the mostly flat, wide open spaces of Kansas, to hills and curves, trees and rivers. Still haven’t figured out just what a “borough” or “holler” … Continue reading

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I’m Waiting Too…

So while we’re waiting for something inspiring or funny to enter my head…here’s some randomness. *Did you know?  That sunflowers turn to the sun even when they’re only 8″ tall and have no heads!! WOW (learn something new everyday) *Or … Continue reading

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Can I Tell You A Little Secret???

Some days I feel funny, some days-quite spiritual, but today, well…i’m having some anger issues! I’m just not quite sure what to blame it on…age, hormones, mean spirit!! (surely I don’t have a mean spirit!) Just between you and me, … Continue reading

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Just A Little Funny…

Woke up this morning, went with my cup of coffee to the “bird sanctuary” and this is what I saw… Thanks to a little wind storm last night, who’da thought I’d have sharks swimming in the yard! Let’s see, I’ve had … Continue reading

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On The Outside Looking In…

I remember the moment well. I walked into the high school gym and scanned the bleachers for a seat. Before me was a sea of faces, most I knew, because in any small town everyone knows everyone, if not personally, … Continue reading

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A Life Well Lived….

Today I’d like to share a guest post from my friend Kelly. She recently lost her grandma, a fun little lady well into her 90’s. Kelly is a writer at heart, someday she’ll have a novel, and I’m so proud … Continue reading

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My Little Bird Sanctuary…

In Kansas it’s dandelions in my yard, in Pennsylvania it’s these cute little things… and these… Did I tell you the story about driving 20 hours straight through from Kansas so I could get to Zanesville, OH and buy a … Continue reading

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So Far Away…

Today I am too far away. How do we handle it when we can’t be where we want or need to be? I want to be with my very best friend today. She’s my soul sister, my sistachick, my calming … Continue reading

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