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Top 10 Reasons Camping is Great…

So Oprah and Gayle might not have enjoyed camping, but they need to go camping with me…camping is wonderful. Especially if you’re at a beautiful lake. So here’s my top 10. (Not in any order, other than the way they pop … Continue reading

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Destination: Wilson Lake, Kansas

It all started with a little thought… “Honey, why don’t we rent an RV?” …which made perfect sense, considering pulling our 5th Wheel trailer from Pennsylvania to Kansas was going to cost some major $$. (Do you know what it … Continue reading

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Today Was The Day…

It happened! They Came! Success! I’m so excited! The long story…I’ve moved the bird feeder three times (maybe more)…actually to three different locations! We’ve had tons and tons of rain. And finally I put it back in the first spot, right next … Continue reading

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The Heart of the Home

I love this photo! My Grandma Elliott’s kitchen. It wasn’t a large kitchen, but my did it have “character”.  Red and white everywhere.  (in fact, this photo must have been a special occasion, because red and white checkered tablecloth was … Continue reading

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It’s How My Mind Works…

*Mighty mouse has met his demise…and all it took was an old-fashioned mouse trap and peanut butter. I am now the proud owner of $30 worth of new-fangled mouse traps that don’t work! *Birds apparently don’t like bling…not one bird … Continue reading

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My Wants/His Wants…

This is what My Big Boy does for me. Hunts, searches, holds, carries…and pays!! And this is what I do for him…It’s a hard sacrifice, but the things we do for love! Thus far I’m down $200, with many beautiful … Continue reading

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Eeek….It’s A Mouse…

No one likes to admit it, but we’ve all been there. There’s a mouse in the house!!! I told you we’ve moved our 5th Wheel over to a nice grassy area. A week after we made the move, I found … Continue reading

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A Love Letter to My Girls…

When I am far away… When you laugh, I will be laughing with you When you cry, I will feel and wipe your tear When you accomplish much, my heart will swell with pride When you wait patiently, I will … Continue reading

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Build It and They Will Come…

We’re talking my bird sanctuary here. And my $3 crystal lamps. I told you I picked two crystal lamps for $3 and the minute I got them home my creative genius started! LOL Actually, one lamp was an easy fix. … Continue reading

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Mothers and Daughters…

I am the mother of three fantastic daughters, and I know a little secret that only mothers and daughters know.  We have a bond that runs deeper than any other relationship that God has gifted us with.  (Don’t tell the … Continue reading

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