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The View Looked a Little Something Like This…

And it was wonderful. An Amish Buggy ride in Strasburg, Pennsylvania.  Wow, the little things in life that can bring so much joy.  The simple things in life.  The scenery was beautiful, the weather brisk and practically invigorating.  We traveled … Continue reading

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Those fine lines…

After the cutest little pedicure with red, I mean red polish, I was looking at my toes (smiling) when it hit me… “Oh my goodness, honey, come here. Do my toes look wrinkly to you?” “Like the skin on my toes, look … Continue reading

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Fiesta Heaven…

I love Fiestaware. Maybe it’s the variety of bright colors, maybe it’s the memory of mom’s Hershey fudge always being spread in a turquoise Fiesta platter, maybe it’s my love of tradition and connection. Sixty years ago my grandparents sold … Continue reading

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A Little Pick Me Up…

I remember being a 40something single mom of three dramatic daughters. (Actually, it was just their ages, between 13 and 21.) We always had a crisis. Oh my gosh, you don’t even want to go there. From ER visits to broken … Continue reading

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There’s No Place Like Home…

It must be a rite of passage for all teenage kids from small rural American towns to, at some time, have the “I can’t wait to get out of this place” attitude. If I remember right, it goes something like this… … Continue reading

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Me and Ree…

Me…empty nest Ree…full house Me…Wendys?, Cracker Barrel?, Applebee’s? Ree…loves to cook, she wrote a cookbook!!! Me…so much time, what to do? Ree…time?, I’m sure she couldn’t fit one more thing into a day Me…F…F…F…Fifty Ree…Still considers another baby WHAT A … Continue reading

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Good Morning 50….

 My morning starts something like this. If you want to feel 49andcounting (okay, we all know I’ve gone over the hump), wake up to a counter full of pill bottles! My little 5th wheel kitchen counter is overflowing with pill … Continue reading

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