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That Slimy, Miry Pit…

Have you ever been in the pit? That place of pain, of despair, of self-pity? Don’t we all find ourselves there once in a while? When life throws us curve balls, or some times just takes us out at the … Continue reading

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My favorite flower bulbs…multiply.

Spring is officially here. It’s been a long-awaited event for me. I’ve seen a lot of snow this winter, and lots of cold weather…so looking for the first hints of green grass and crocuses blooming has excited my heart. Yesterday, … Continue reading

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Remembering 9/11, Flight 93…

I’m reposting one of my favorite blog post, I know you’ve seen it before.  But was a moment in time I will never forget…and I pray too that you will not forget. Today I stood on hallowed ground. I remembered, and … Continue reading

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May I Speak to your Manager, Please…

I believe there is some correlation between aging and customer service contacts. It’s my own philosophy, but I do know of several people who became much more vocal as they’ve grown older. Don’t know if those of us who are … Continue reading

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Thinking Under the Influence…

Finally, finally after 3 weeks of pain, have something that might help. You know what 3 weeks of pain will do to ya…well, it’ll make you grumpy, that’s for sure. Sweet little ole me talked back to a receptionist at the Dr.’s … Continue reading

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Go ahead, Kick Me…

Whoa, what a week. I’m past the point of no return, so if you want to kick somebody, yell a little, get rid of any anger…hit me with your best shot, you can use me as your personal punching bag. I … Continue reading

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Moving to the windy, curvy, mountain roads of Pennsylvania after having driven on the flat, straight, square roads of Kansas has been quite an adjustment for directionally challenged me. Thus, my husband came up with the perfect Christmas gift, a … Continue reading

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Childhood Friends…

Some things are lasting. Some things never grow old. Some things ‘get you’ to your core, revive your soul, and blanket you with security. That’s the way it is with me when I see these girls. They are my lifetime … Continue reading

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Dear Friend…

I have a sweet young friend who’s been hurt by gossip. What breaks my heart, is not only her heartache, but that the gossip came from someone who attends church regularly. My young friend doesn’t, and she has her questions about Jesus. … Continue reading

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It’s Her Turn…

If you’re at the 49andcounting age, and you’re lucky enough to still have parents living, you may have come to this place in life that you never readied yourself for.  Caretaker. For years, my mother has been the ‘caretaker’.   With … Continue reading

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