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Where Do I Go From Here?

Are you wondering ‘what’s next?’ for your life? I started this blog with a goal in mind, my 50th birthday. Now that the birthday has come and gone (and we all know that I am still 49andcounting) the question hounding … Continue reading

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Oops, Driver’s License Expired!

One little 50th birthday gift that I wasn’t quite ready for was renewing my driver’s license. Isn’t there suppose to be a 30 day grace period or something? NOT. So, as the nice woman at the city DMV told me, my license … Continue reading

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Ode to Fifty…

I don’t remember imagining that this day would come, didn’t wrap it up in childhood dreams and tuck it in my heart, no, being 50 wasn’t something that I even felt a part. It seemed that it was eons, or … Continue reading

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One Last Day…

I believe the Big Boy Upstairs (that would be THE Big Boy, not to be confused with My Big Boy) is chuckling this morning. You see, today is my last 49-year-old day. I mean really, we should be having some bravado here. … Continue reading

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“Real Housewives of Bentley, KS”

Bentley, Ks is a located in Sedgwick County. The estimated population is 405. (We’re talking people… dogs and cats not included). Per capita income is $16,011 (much less than the Housewives of Beverly Hills). And last Friday night, 11 girlfriends, daughters, … Continue reading

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A Day That Counts…

When one gets to be 49andcounting, I believe we begin to ask ourselves some very deep questions. (well, deep for me!)  Reflections on life. Have we lived it right? Do we make a difference? What can I do with the … Continue reading

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I Might Be Just a Little Obsessed with Reality TV…

Finally, after 6 months of living in the RV, watching Red Box movies most nights, I gave it up and called Direct TV. Wrong! I am now an addict…oh, maybe just a little bit. But if I turn on the … Continue reading

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I’m An American Pickers Junkie…

I admit it, I’m an ‘American Pickers’ junkie. Last Saturday, I spent an entire day watching episodes of American Picker. And after that I had to ask myself, “why is it that you love this show?” I love old stuff. … Continue reading

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Nobody Wants To Talk About It…

Okay, we’re gonna have a little talk here about a not too talked about subject. Some find it offensive, some find it private, some just have good manners, but really, I think somebody needs to talk about it! (which goes … Continue reading

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Ahhh, There is Hope…

Last night I opened the door to step outside, and was hit with a wave of hope. Who would have thought that 34 degrees would feel like a heat wave? The night sky was clear, with a gleaming moon and twinkling stars. … Continue reading

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