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I Know That Word…Give Me A Minute…

Why is it that I can remember my childhood phone #, my address from 40 years ago, the birthdate of my 2nd grade best friend, but I can’t seem to remember my children’s names when I’m wanting to spit them … Continue reading

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Middle Of The Night Random Thoughts…

Why is it my ‘Passion List’ has more food items on it than anything else? And most contain chocolate. Revise, revise, revise. Does becoming color blind come with old age, or is it just me? Working on a wool stitchery … Continue reading

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Am I Every Woman???

This whole 49andcounting thing, well…you all know what that means, the big 50 is getting close, very close. Tonight, instead of embracing the moment, living each 49 day to the fullest, accomplishing all those things I want to accomplish in … Continue reading

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When The Nest Is Empty…

When the nest is empty there are perks… you eat out a lot more often (just easier, and life is all about easier at this point) laundry finally can be just one day a week quality conversations with hubby and … Continue reading

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Our Sunday Best…

Remember when going to church on Sunday morning included giving God ‘our Sunday best’? Saturday night was for mother scrubbing my hair in the kitchen sink. I’d lay on the counter with a towel rolled under my neck, and she’d scrub … Continue reading

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Passion List #1…

It’s 4:30 am, and God, being the amazing God that He is, said, “Michaela, now this could be your passion.”  No audible voice, no lightning strikes, but when I found this video I do think there were fireworks going off … Continue reading

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I Just Don’t Think I Can Even Share This One With You…

I should be able to write a book about the adventure I’ve had in the past 24 hours, but I don’t think there would be any readers.  As most of you know, My Big Boy and I are living in our 5th … Continue reading

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I love my sister.  Once upon a time Carolyn & El had five kids.  The first child was a girl.  A beautiful girl, with tons of black hair.  Six years later, the second girl was born (that would be me)(I … Continue reading

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The Passion List…

We all know the Bucket List. But today I’m starting my “Passion List”. For years I’ve sought to find my “passion”. To no avail. I’ve wondered if I have some deep-seated psychological barrier to “passion”. All my life, I’ve had … Continue reading

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Holding On…

Have you ever had a time when you just wanted someone to say “everything will be alright”?   The world sometimes seems to be falling apart at our feet.  Finances, relationships, loneliness, job searches, loss, health issues, the weight of  responsibilities.  The … Continue reading

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